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As a professional planning and design firm with design quality as its core value orientation, we carefully planned, considered and monitored each project to achieve the quality policy that we have consistently supported.

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Introducing interiors Fit Out industry

Our beliefs

As a professional planning and design firm with design quality as its core value orientation, we carefully planned, considered and monitored each project to achieve the quality policy that we have consistently supported

Quality not quantity

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more attention to the quality of living environment. Our company adheres to the people-oriented design concept, based on the specific situation of a single client, such as economic conditions, material resources, etc., through careful and comprehensive inspection, to make the design more scientific and reasonable, more humanistic, and create a warm atmosphere, comfortable environment for clients.


We believe that with a dedicated team, a wide range of design work, a strong sense of style and a sense of community, we can help our clients create and deliver beautiful experiences。


A competent works to be done by a competent persons

Our team member are all a qualified Professionals with distinctive experienced and proven records in delivering high standard of design portfolio.

We are nowned for building client relationships and delivering exceptional design and construction work. Our industry-leading ability to incorporate new ideas and technologies is exemplified by our work with large companies. Every client we work with, as well as each project they collaborate with, is reviewed to ensure that we have the skills to deliver an exceptional level of design and construction.

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Business Philosophy



With excellent professional ability and unremitting exploration, we actively face new considerations of the future and the market and are committed to the inspiration and renewal of contemporary new living concepts, providing more possibilities for design.

Create a comfortable and living environment for client even present the dream life atmosphere through professional perception.

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Factories Capacity

We are carefully assessing and partnering with reliable and reputable furniture manufactures who has a capability to produce high quality custom made built-in and loose furniture from a huge, medium and small setting. We will conduct series of assessment on every projects we received depending on the project size, criterial and budget and determine the suitable partner who deem fit to perform the job for our clients.

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We are carefully assessing and partnering with reliable and reputable furniture manufactures who has a capability to produce high quality custom made built-in and loose furniture from a huge, medium and small setting. We will conduct series of assessment on every projects we received depending on the project size, criterial and budget and determine the suitable partner who deem fit to perform the job for our clients.


We collaborate with the partner factories who have a basic wood working machineries for precision and quality control to meet every production time especially for mass production.

We had a group of master carpenters who has an ability to produce carpentry works manually to fulfil our client's requirement on detailed handcrafting’s product for their projects.

Retail Fit Out Machines.png

Basic wood working Machineries are :

  • Panel Saw 

  • SCM Superset 

  • Veneer Edging Machine

  • CNC Point to point , CNC 

  • CNC Spindle Moulders, CNC

  • Drilling and Tapping Machine

  • Edge Banner

  • Beam Panel saw

  • Tenoner and mortiser machine

Green label material - sustainability


Actively Respond to Green Label Materials

We are very careful in our material selection and application. All the green products and materials we specify are tested with green label certifications.

We collaborate well with LEED or green mark consultants for all kind of qualifications require to comply under Green Mark certification.

As we were looking for a general contractor with sound background as a general contractor in the hospitality industry.

We were fortunate to be introduced to Benjamin Low and his team. I say “fortunate” as the entire process, from the initial meeting with Sundi Wijaya and Adeline Lim, to the daily support and the management on-site by Benjamin Low, were all very positive. 

I have to say that a construction period of only 9 weeks for a Bräuhaus with 1,200 sqm is a tough job.Benjamin was the perfect fit for such a challenge. They were great to work with. Both were always very responsive and dedicated. Overall everyone we dealt with was extremely professional.

Benjamin is a first class partner for general contracting. He delivered as promised, including finishing on time. The quality and the overall look and feel are great! I would be pleased to work together with the team on future projects.


- Andreas Reichert
Senior consultant and
Project ManagerPaulaner
Francise & Consulting ,
Munich Germany.


-Tony Chi 
Tony Chi Studio New York City
World renowned Master
Interior Designer

Dear Benjamin, 

As I am virtually reviewing the site for L2 and L3 East Wing on a daily basis preparing for the Final Installation, I am continuously amazed and equally impressed how this project has been able to come this far at all given the challenges and unusual circumstances all of us have faced in our professional lives. At the start of this project, we could not have foreseen Covid-19 ahead of us. 

The pandemic was a curve ball that affected not only the project schedule but also the global lockdown threatened all our craftsmen both locally and globally to work and create their craft for the project. 

Through your collective commitment each day and week, your kind self and the entire team should be proud of this accomplishment. Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore L2 and Level 3 East Wing have given me great memories as it has been a most enjoyable project for me collaborating with the team. I have enjoyed the team’s passion, ethic, thoroughness and even desire to learn each day. 

I am grateful to the ownership for their vision and desire to enable us with this great opportunity. I am also grateful to you for your leadership to make this happen! The path has been laid for a new chapter for Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore to continue an authentic, elegant and genuine hospitality experience. I wish you the best in your next endeavour. 

I sincerely hope that we will not only be able to cross paths again but have the opportunity to collaborate once more in the near future.

Interiors Fit Out Industry Logo

I had spoke to number of interior designer before but most of them provided me their quotation without presenting me a 3D visual and push for my confirmation until i met Benjamin.

Benjamin has provided me a holistic space planning, 3D walk through my entire house and explained clearly and detaily about the design and i should and not to incorporate into my new house by showing and explaining to me the functional 3D visual where he is able to open up all my wardrobe and kitchen cabinet's doors to demonstrate the conflict and type of compartment and accessories he proposed to me. 

I am impressed with the professionalism and high quality presentation that clearly demonstrated his deeper understanding about my requirement comparing others. I am very satisfied  with the standard he has in providing me a comfortable home that meets my budget.

Therefore i strongly recomend Benjamin and his team to anyone who is looking for extraordinary design that give a feeling of staying in the 5 stars hotel and resort. 

The design that Benjamin provided to me is functional with integration of technology and space saving. 


- Paulynn Lee
Home Owner


- Aung
SingHaiyi Group

While we worked together in Outram Community Hospital  project, he demonstrated strong organizational skills and communication skills by ensuring every member of the team clearly understood their role in the project and what tasks to complete. He also developed an efficient system to track which tasks the team had completed, established weekly progress reports and even aided for project team’s personal developments.

His organisational skills may be very impressive, but I believe Mr Benjamin’s  interpersonal skills made him an amazing addition to be a great leader. His ability to empathize with coworkers and use their perspectives to make the best decisions for projects on behalf of the company helped streamline project completion, leading to increase productivity.

Overall, He is a highly skilled professional and leader who is able to inspire, motivate, and direct teams to accomplish great things. He is a highly regarded leader and a lot of fun to work with even in the most challenging and serious discussions. His knowledge, skills and experience in the fields of organisational and project management make him an obvious choice for any challenging assignments.

What our clients & partners say

Retail Shop Fit Out Companies

When launching or revamping a retail business, the physical space's layout and design play a pivotal role in defining customer experience and operational efficiency. This guide dives into the world of retail shop fit outs, exploring why they are crucial and how best to approach them.

What is a Retail Shop Fit Out?


A retail shop fit out involves renovating and decorating a commercial space to make it suitable for specific business needs. It encompasses everything from floor plans and furniture to lighting and color schemes, tailored to optimize the retail experience.

Importance of Effective retail shop Fit Outs

Effective retail fit outs are essential because they directly influence customer perception and operational efficiency. Aesthetically Pleasing Environments attract customers and make the shopping experience enjoyable, which can translate to increased sales. Improved Functionality through well-designed layouts maximizes the use of space and enhances customer flow, which is crucial in retail settings. Compliance with Safety Regulations ensures that the store environment is safe for customers and staff, which is not only a legal requirement but also affects the reputation of the business. Additionally, a distinctive fit out acts as a physical manifestation of the brand, helping to Differentiate it in a Competitive Marketplace. This is particularly important in crowded retail sectors where visual impressions can significantly influence customer choices.

Key Considerations Before Starting

Budgeting for retail shop Fit Outs

A realistic budget is foundational because it affects virtually every other aspect of the fit out. It determines the Quality of Materials, the Degree of Customization that can be achieved, and how much can be invested in advanced technologies. A well-planned budget also helps avoid unexpected costs, ensuring the project stays on track financially, and allows for prioritizing essential over optional expenditures.

Choosing the Right Design

The design of a retail space should not only reflect the brand's identity but also appeal to its target demographic. This includes considering factors such as Color Schemes, Lighting, Furniture Style, and Layout. Each element needs to contribute to a cohesive look that resonates with customers and enhances their shopping experience. For example, a tech store might opt for a modern, minimalistic design with high-tech displays, while a boutique might choose a warm, inviting color palette and soft lighting to create an upscale atmosphere.

Timeline for Completion

Setting a clear timeline is crucial for minimizing the impact on business operations. It helps in Planning Promotions and Stock Levels around the fit out schedule. A detailed timeline, with built-in buffers for unexpected delays, ensures that the business can continue operating with minimal disruption and financial impact. It also helps in managing customer expectations and staff planning.

Steps Involved in Retail Shop Fit Outs

The fit out process generally follows a sequential path from Initial Design to Final Execution. This begins with concept development and spatial planning, followed by selecting materials and finalizing designs. Construction and installation come next, including electrical, plumbing, and carpentry work. The final steps often involve finishing touches like painting, lighting installation, and decor enhancements. Regular reviews and adjustments ensure that the project meets all specifications and quality standards.

Trends in Retail Shop Designs

Current trends focus on creating more sustainable and interactive environments. Eco-friendly Materials like reclaimed wood and recycled metals are popular for their sustainability and aesthetic appeal. Digital Integrations such as interactive fitting rooms and digital product displays enhance customer engagement. The use of Advanced Lighting Systems that can change ambience and highlight products is also increasing. Additionally, Modular Designs offer flexibility to adapt to changing retail trends without significant reinvestment.

How to Choose a Retail Shop Fit Out Company

Evaluating Experience and Portfolio

It's vital to assess a company's experience and the breadth of its portfolio. This can give insights into the quality of their work and their ability to handle projects similar to yours. Review Past Projects thoroughly and consider the feedback from previous clients. This helps gauge their reliability, creativity, and attention to detail.

Understanding Service Offerings

Knowing what services a retail fit out company offers helps set expectations and ensures they can meet your specific needs. This includes everything from initial design and planning to project management and after-sales support. Companies that offer comprehensive services can provide a more seamless experience throughout the retail fit out process.

By considering these elements, businesses can ensure that their retail fit out not only meets their current needs but also adapt effectively to future demands and market changes.


Selecting the right fit out company for your retail space is more than a mere renovation—it's a transformative endeavor that can elevate your brand, enhance customer experience, and increase operational efficiency. As we have explored in this comprehensive guide, understanding the nuances of retail fit outs from budgeting and design to the final selection of a fit out company forms the foundation of a successful retail environment. Engaging with top-tier fit out professionals and staying abreast of current design trends can lead to not just a visually appealing space but also one that resonates with your target audience and supports your business goals. Remember, a well-planned retail fit out is an investment in your brand's future, promising returns through enhanced customer satisfaction and increased sales. As you move forward, consider these insights and strategies to ensure that your retail space not only meets the current needs but also adapts to future trends and market dynamics.


Q1: What are the most cost-effective materials for a retail fit out?

Cost-effective materials for a retail fit out depend on the desired aesthetic and durability requirements, but some popular choices include laminates for surfaces due to their wide variety of finishes and durability, commercial-grade vinyl flooring for its resilience and affordability, and modular systems for shelving and displays that offer flexibility and cost savings. Additionally, using repurposed materials can add unique charm while being eco-friendly and economical.

Q2: How long does a typical retail shop fit out take from start to finish?

The duration of a retail fit out can vary significantly based on the scope of the project, the size of the space, and the complexity of the design. A small shop may take as little as 4-6 weeks, while a larger, more complex fit out could take 3-6 months. Factors that affect the timeline include the speed of decision-making, availability of materials, and the extent of structural changes required.


Q3: What are the common pitfalls in retail shop fit outs?

Common pitfalls in retail fit outs include underestimating the budget, which can lead to incomplete projects or poor quality finishes; neglecting practical aspects such as storage and customer flow which can impact the shop's functionality; and failing to comply with local regulations and codes, which can result in delays and additional costs. Another pitfall is inadequate planning for future needs, which may necessitate premature renovations.

Q4: How often should a retail space undergo a fit out update?

The frequency of updates for a retail space fit out depends on several factors including the wear and tear on the space, evolving brand identity, and changing consumer trends. Typically, a minor update every 2-3 years and a more significant overhaul every 5-7 years can help a retail space maintain its appeal and functionality, keeping it fresh and engaging for returning customers.

Q5: Can a retail shop fit out be done in stages to minimize business interruption?

Yes, conducting a retail shop fit out in stages is a practical approach for businesses that cannot afford to close completely. This strategy requires careful planning to ensure that each phase of the fit out is completed in a way that minimizes disruption to sales and customer experience. It often involves temporary adjustments and may require the business to operate at reduced capacity, but it allows for continuous operation throughout the renovation process.

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