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As a professional planning and design firm with design quality as its core value orientation, we carefully planned, considered and monitored each project to achieve the quality policy that we have consistently supported.

Why Residential Interior Designer Johor?  


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residential Interior Designer Johor

Our beliefs

As a professional planning and design firm with design quality as its core value orientation, we carefully planned, considered and monitored each project to achieve the quality policy that we have consistently supported

Quality not quantity

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more attention to the quality of living environment. Our company adheres to the people-oriented design concept, based on the specific situation of a single client, such as economic conditions, material resources, etc., through careful and comprehensive inspection, to make the design more scientific and reasonable, more humanistic, and create a warm atmosphere, comfortable environment for clients.


We believe that with a dedicated team, a wide range of design work, a strong sense of style and a sense of community, we can help our clients create and deliver beautiful experiences。


A competent works to be done by a competent persons

Our team member are all a qualified Professionals with distinctive experienced and proven records in delivering high standard of design portfolio.

We are nowned for building client relationships and delivering exceptional design and construction work. Our industry-leading ability to incorporate new ideas and technologies is exemplified by our work with large companies. Every client we work with, as well as each project they collaborate with, is reviewed to ensure that we have the skills to deliver an exceptional level of design and construction.

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Business Philosophy



With excellent professional ability and unremitting exploration, we actively face new considerations of the future and the market and are committed to the inspiration and renewal of contemporary new living concepts, providing more possibilities for design.

Create a comfortable and living environment for client even present the dream life atmosphere through professional perception.

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Factories Capacity

We are carefully assessing and partnering with reliable and reputable furniture manufactures who has a capability to produce high quality custom made built-in and loose furniture from a huge, medium and small setting. We will conduct series of assessment on every projects we received depending on the project size, criterial and budget and determine the suitable partner who deem fit to perform the job for our clients.

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We are carefully assessing and partnering with reliable and reputable furniture manufactures who has a capability to produce high quality custom made built-in and loose furniture from a huge, medium and small setting. We will conduct series of assessment on every projects we received depending on the project size, criterial and budget and determine the suitable partner who deem fit to perform the job for our clients.


We collaborate with the partner factories who have a basic wood working machineries for precision and quality control to meet every production time especially for mass production.

We had a group of master carpenters who has an ability to produce carpentry works manually to fulfil our client's requirement on detailed handcrafting’s product for their projects.

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Basic wood working Machineries are :

  • Panel Saw 

  • SCM Superset 

  • Veneer Edging Machine

  • CNC Point to point , CNC 

  • CNC Spindle Moulders, CNC

  • Drilling and Tapping Machine

  • Edge Banner

  • Beam Panel saw

  • Tenoner and mortiser machine

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Actively Respond to Green Label Materials

We are very careful in our material selection and application. All the green products and materials we specify are tested with green label certifications.

We collaborate well with LEED or green mark consultants for all kind of qualifications require to comply under Green Mark certification.

As we were looking for a general contractor with sound background as a general contractor in the hospitality industry.

We were fortunate to be introduced to Benjamin Low and his team. I say “fortunate” as the entire process, from the initial meeting with Sundi Wijaya and Adeline Lim, to the daily support and the management on-site by Benjamin Low, were all very positive. 

I have to say that a construction period of only 9 weeks for a Bräuhaus with 1,200 sqm is a tough job.Benjamin was the perfect fit for such a challenge. They were great to work with. Both were always very responsive and dedicated. Overall everyone we dealt with was extremely professional.

Benjamin is a first class partner for general contracting. He delivered as promised, including finishing on time. The quality and the overall look and feel are great! I would be pleased to work together with the team on future projects.


- Andreas Reichert
Senior consultant and
Project ManagerPaulaner
Francise & Consulting ,
Munich Germany.


-Tony Chi 
Tony Chi Studio New York City
World renowned Master
Interior Designer

Dear Benjamin, 

As I am virtually reviewing the site for L2 and L3 East Wing on a daily basis preparing for the Final Installation, I am continuously amazed and equally impressed how this project has been able to come this far at all given the challenges and unusual circumstances all of us have faced in our professional lives. At the start of this project, we could not have foreseen Covid-19 ahead of us. 

The pandemic was a curve ball that affected not only the project schedule but also the global lockdown threatened all our craftsmen both locally and globally to work and create their craft for the project. 

Through your collective commitment each day and week, your kind self and the entire team should be proud of this accomplishment. Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore L2 and Level 3 East Wing have given me great memories as it has been a most enjoyable project for me collaborating with the team. I have enjoyed the team’s passion, ethic, thoroughness and even desire to learn each day. 

I am grateful to the ownership for their vision and desire to enable us with this great opportunity. I am also grateful to you for your leadership to make this happen! The path has been laid for a new chapter for Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore to continue an authentic, elegant and genuine hospitality experience. I wish you the best in your next endeavour. 

I sincerely hope that we will not only be able to cross paths again but have the opportunity to collaborate once more in the near future.

Interiors Fit Out Industry Logo

I had spoke to number of interior designer before but most of them provided me their quotation without presenting me a 3D visual and push for my confirmation until i met Benjamin.

Benjamin has provided me a holistic space planning, 3D walk through my entire house and explained clearly and detaily about the design and i should and not to incorporate into my new house by showing and explaining to me the functional 3D visual where he is able to open up all my wardrobe and kitchen cabinet's doors to demonstrate the conflict and type of compartment and accessories he proposed to me. 

I am impressed with the professionalism and high quality presentation that clearly demonstrated his deeper understanding about my requirement comparing others. I am very satisfied  with the standard he has in providing me a comfortable home that meets my budget.

Therefore i strongly recomend Benjamin and his team to anyone who is looking for extraordinary design that give a feeling of staying in the 5 stars hotel and resort. 

The design that Benjamin provided to me is functional with integration of technology and space saving. 


- Paulynn Lee
Home Owner


- Aung
SingHaiyi Group

While we worked together in Outram Community Hospital  project, he demonstrated strong organizational skills and communication skills by ensuring every member of the team clearly understood their role in the project and what tasks to complete. He also developed an efficient system to track which tasks the team had completed, established weekly progress reports and even aided for project team’s personal developments.

His organisational skills may be very impressive, but I believe Mr Benjamin’s  interpersonal skills made him an amazing addition to be a great leader. His ability to empathize with coworkers and use their perspectives to make the best decisions for projects on behalf of the company helped streamline project completion, leading to increase productivity.

Overall, He is a highly skilled professional and leader who is able to inspire, motivate, and direct teams to accomplish great things. He is a highly regarded leader and a lot of fun to work with even in the most challenging and serious discussions. His knowledge, skills and experience in the fields of organisational and project management make him an obvious choice for any challenging assignments.

What our clients & partners say

Elevating Spaces with Excellence: Interiors Fit Out Industry – Your Premier Residential Interior Designer in Johor Bahru

In the vibrant realm of interior design, where aesthetic appeal meets functional necessity, the choice of contractor can significantly affect the outcome of a project. Interiors Fit Out Industry, as the premier interior design firm in Johor Bahru, exemplifies the ideal blend of creativity and technical prowess, providing comprehensive fit-out solutions that transform everyday spaces into extraordinary environments. This detailed article explores why Interiors Fit Out Industry is the preferred choice for those seeking exceptional interior design and fit-out services in Johor Bahru and surrounding areas.

The Crucial Role of Expert residential Interior Designers johor and Fit-Out Contractors

The collaborative synergy between an interior designer and a fit-out contractor is fundamental to the success of any design project. An interior designer conceptualizes the space based on the client’s needs and prevailing trends, while the fit-out contractor brings these ideas to life, ensuring the physical space aligns with the envisioned design. This partnership is essential for creating a space that is visually stunning, functional, and sustainable.

Introducing Interiors Fit Out Industry

Interiors Fit Out Industry is a leading name in the interior design sector known for its innovative and precise design solutions. The company caters to both residential and commercial sectors, providing a spectrum of services from initial design consultations to complete project management and execution. Their forte is crafting tailored interiors that mirror the distinct personalities and practical requirements of their clients.

Services Provided by Interiors Fit Out Industry

1. Residential Design: Interiors Fit Out Industry specializes in turning houses into homes through custom-designed residential spaces, from compact apartments to expansive villas, ensuring comfort, elegance, and functionality.

2. Commercial Design: The firm’s expertise extends to designing commercial spaces such as offices, retail shops, and hospitality venues. They recognize that commercial interiors should be both beautiful and conducive to operational efficiency.

3. Project Management: Interiors Fit Out Industry excels in detail-oriented project management, overseeing every phase of the design and fit-out process to ensure timeliness, budget adherence, and superior quality.

4. Custom Furniture and Fixtures: The company offers bespoke furniture and fixture design, perfect for clients seeking unique, made-to-measure solutions that harmonize with their overall space design.

Why Opt for Interiors Fit Out Industry?

Professional Expertise: Bringing years of experience and a robust understanding of both aesthetic design and practical construction, Interiors Fit Out Industry effectively anticipates and navigates potential project challenges, ensuring smooth and consistent results.

Customized Solutions: Embracing the uniqueness of each project, Interiors Fit Out Industry tailors its services to meet the specific visions and needs of its clients, reflected in every project they handle, from minor renovations to major commercial builds.

Commitment to Quality: The firm maintains high standards of quality, utilizing top-tier materials and sophisticated construction techniques. This commitment not only enhances the visual appeal but also ensures the durability and sustainability of their projects.

Efficiency in Execution: Interiors Fit Out Industry is known for its efficient project execution, which minimizes waste, saves time, and controls costs, ultimately providing greater value to clients.

Sustainable Practices: The firm integrates eco-friendly practices and materials in its projects, reducing environmental impact and fostering healthier, more sustainable spaces.

Spotlight on Success: A Case Study

A testament to their expertise is a high-profile retail fit-out completed for a renowned brand in Johor Bahru. The client needed a space that was both elegant and welcoming, aligning with their brand identity to attract more customers. Interiors Fit Out Industry delivered an innovative design that included custom fixtures, sophisticated lighting, and efficient space utilization, enhancing overall customer engagement. The project was not only completed ahead of time and under budget but has also been celebrated for its design ingenuity and customer appeal.



Selecting the right interior design and fit-out contractor is pivotal for the successful realization of any space transformation. Interiors Fit Out Industry, with its comprehensive services, personalized approach, and unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability, stands as the epitome of excellence in interior design in Johor Bahru. Entrusting your project to Interiors Fit Out Industry guarantees not only a remarkable design outcome but also a smooth, fulfilling project experience from concept to completion.


Q1: What services does Interiors Fit Out Industry offer?

Interiors Fit Out Industry provides a comprehensive range of services including residential and commercial design, project management, and custom furniture and fixtures design. They cater to both individual and corporate clients, ensuring tailored solutions that meet specific design and functionality needs.

Q2: How does Interiors Fit Out Industry ensure the quality of their projects?

The company adheres to stringent quality standards, using only high-quality materials and advanced construction techniques. Their commitment to excellence ensures that every project is not only aesthetically appealing but also durable and sustainable.

Q3: Can Interiors Fit Out Industry handle both small and large scale projects?

Yes, Interiors Fit Out Industry is equipped to manage projects of all sizes, from small-scale residential renovations to large commercial developments. Their expertise and resources enable them to efficiently handle the complexities and scale of any project.

Q4: What makes Interiors Fit Out Industry different from other interior design firms in Johor Bahru?

Interiors Fit Out Industry differentiates itself through its personalized service, ensuring each project is uniquely tailored to the client's requirements. Additionally, their dual focus on design innovation and efficient execution allows them to deliver superior outcomes within budget and on time.

Q5: How does Interiors Fit Out Industry incorporate sustainability into their projects?

The firm is committed to sustainable practices, incorporating eco-friendly materials and methods into their projects. This approach minimizes environmental impact and promotes healthier living and working spaces for their clients.

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